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Three year old and Preschool lesson and Parent Page - Trust: Jesus can do anything..
by Crossroads Community Church, Cincinnati, Crossroads Community Church, Cincinnati
Kids & Youth > Preschool
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Three year old and Preschool lesson and Parent Page encouraging trust and teaching that Jesus can do anything.
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Threes/Preschool Parent Page


Threes/Preschool Parent Page


GOD KEEPS HIS PROMISES (December 3 & 4) – Using the letters in “PROMISE,” brainstorm with your child a word for each letter that relates to God’s promises. For example, P = Prayers answered, R = Rainbow, O = ______. Luke 1:26-56



JESUS IS THE GREATEST GIFT (December 10 & 11)Help your child wrap a special gift for someone they love or “assist” you in wrapping other presents. Talk about how Jesus was God’s Gift to your child and to you. Luke 2:1-7



WE CAN CELEBRATE JESUS TOGETHER (December 17 & 18) – Using paper, scissors, a glue stick and old magazines, help your child create a “Celebration Book.” On each page, write a celebration word and glue a matching magazine cut-out, such as a cake, cookies, kids dancing/singing, a piñata, or any other appropriate party choice. Luke 2:1-20


WE ARE GROWING (January 7 & 8) Help your child sort through their toys and/or books and make a pile of things they have outgrown. Think of a younger child who might be ready to enjoy these items and pass them on. Luke 2:40 & 52



WE CAN LOVE OTHERS (January 14 & 15) - Sit across from your child(ren) and toss a ball back and forth. Whoever has the ball must say the name of someone they love or someone who needs to be loved. John 9:1-11



JESUS CAN DO ANYTHING (January 21 & 22) Play “I Trust With My Little Heart That Jesus Can _____” in the same manner as “I Spy With My Little Eye ____. Take turns and model appropriate responses for your child. Matthew 14:22-32



I CAN BE JESUS’ FRIEND FOREVER (January 28 & 29) – Using four popsicle sticks for a frame and last month’s Christmas cards, cut out a picture of Jesus to frame with your child. Print “FRIENDS FOREVER” around the frame and have your child decorate it with sequins or markers. Your child can place the picture of their “Forever Friend” in his/her room. Luke 3:21-22


January 21-22, 2006





Objectives: Kids will learn that Jesus is all-powerful. They will be challenged to identify ways that they can trust God to do anything.


Bible Reference or Stories: Jesus and Peter Walk on Water; Matthew 14:22 - 32


Verse: “. . . with God all things are possible: Matthew 19:26




5:30 - Free time, coloring page, Icebreaker

5:40 – K-Team time and craft

6:00 – Large Group and songs in red room



8:45; 10:15; 11:45 - Free time, coloring page, Icebreaker

8:55; 10:25; 11:55- K-Team time and craft

9:15; 10:45; 12:15 – Large group and songs in red room


K-Team Supplies Needed

Obstacle Course Items – tables, chairs, and cones (if needed)

Snack –Goldfish


Tub of water

2-3 toys that will sink

2-3 toys that will float



Sink or Float activity

Coloring Sheets



K-Team Time/Activity

For today’s game we have an obstacle course set up around the room. The tricky part is that the children have to do it with their eyes closed! Luckily they get to hold hands with another child (or teacher if they are really scared) to guide them through the obstacles.


At the end of the course there will be a snack! No peeking!



K-Team Discussion/Question Ideas

On the tables there will be some tubs of water and a few toys that sink or float.

Hold up each one and as the children whether they think the toy will sink or float, then put it to the test!

At the end, ask, what about people, do they float? Can they walk on top of the water?

Well Jesus DID walk on the water! Jesus was very special and he could do all kinds of things.

Have you ever been in a swimming pool? Was it scary the first time? But we can trust God to help us when we are scared!

What about the dark, is anyone scared of the dark? But who can help us not be afraid? God!

We can trust God to help us not be afraid. What are some other ways we can trust God?






Do you know NORP?
NORP is used in the K-5 grades to establish guidelines for expected behavior in the class. It stands for:
N - No talking out of turn
O - Obey your leader
R - Respect others and their property
P - Put things away better than you found them

In the 3's and Preschool, we can establish that foundation to set the stage as prep for their future in the following ways:
N - No talking out of turn (encourage Self-Control when they yell/scream)
O - Obey (encourage Obedience when they are stubborn/defiant)
R - Respect (encourage Respect when they hit, kick, or throw things)
P - Put things away (encourage their participation in Clean-Up)


























Large Group Supplies Needed:

Shop Keeper Outfit

2 Ken dolls

1 Toy Boat

1 Clear Tub of water

Table to put Tub on so that all kids can see


Large Group

Shop Keeper is back and he’s got some stories to tell!


SK: Hello everyone! I missed you last week! I hear that you got to meet a person who could not see but Jesus made his(her) eyes better. How exciting! They trusted Jesus to make them better and he did! Do you know what trust is? It is believing that someone will help you and depending on them.


Jesus had a group of friends who went with him when he was teaching. They had to trust Jesus many times. Well, here… let me show you what I mean. Look around store and find two Ken dolls and a toy boat. Take dolls and boat over to water table. Use dolls to help illustrate the story.


Jesus and his friends were out in their boat. A storm came and it was very windy and the waves were huge. Jesus’ friends were scared, but Jesus wasn’t. He stood up and said, “Peace! Be still!” The wind stopped blowing and the waves stopped crashing. Even the storm listened to Jesus. His friends knew that Jesus was God and they could trust him to do anything.


Another time, Jesus and his friends had had a very busy day and Jesus wanted to be alone to pray. So his friends got into their boat and headed for the other side of a big lake. The wind was blowing against them and it was pushing their boat back. Jesus saw that they were having a hard time rowing. So, he came to them walking on the water! At first, they did not know it was Jesus and they were scared. But Jesus said, “Don’t be scared. It is I.” One of these friends was Peter and he said, “If it really is you, tell me to come to you on the water.” “Come on,” said Jesus. Peter got out of the boat and step by step he walked on the water too! But then he felt the strong wind and looked down at the waves. He started to sink. He yelled out, “Jesus save me!” And right away Jesus pulled Peter up.


WOW! Jesus was walking on the water! Peter believed in Jesus and he walked on the water too! Even when Peter was scared, he trusted that Jesus could save him… and did Jesus save him? YES!


You can trust in God, too! You can trust God when you do something new for the first time. You can trust God to help you not be afraid in the dark. You can trust God to help you be brave when you get a shot at the doctor.


What are some other ways that you can trust in God? Wait for responses.


Prayer: A little at a time and let them repeat. Dear God, thank you that we can trust you anytime, with anything. Amen.





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Thank you Lord

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