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Preschool lesson and Parent Plan - God Wants Us to be Thankful
by Crossroads Community Church, Cincinnati, Crossroads Community Church, Cincinnati
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Preschool lesson and Parent Plan encouraging children to be thankful to God for what he has given them. Bible verse: Psalm 100:4 “Give thanks to Him and praise His name.”
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December 2004

Creating Toys for the Holidays

Preschool November 27-28, 2004


Main Point: God wants us to be thankful.

Objective: Kids will show thankfulness to God for what he has given them.

Bible verse: Psalm 100:4 “Give thanks to Him and praise His name.”



5:30 Free time, coloring page

5:40 Large group and songs in green room

6:05 K-team time, then craft



9:00 10:20 11:40 Free time, coloring page

9:10 10:30 11:50 Large group and songs in green room

9:35 10:55 12:15 K-team time, then craft


Leader Preparation:

The children in Kids Club (as well as the rest of us) have likely just celebrated Thanksgiving with their families a couple of days prior to our lesson. Sometimes we get caught up in a frenzy of food and football; make today an opportunity for you to help the kids focus on what they are thankful for. Share with the kids things you are thankful for – include Crossroads and the individual children in this!


Direct the kids’ attention to the robot in the classroom and explain that he is only an empty machine until they help him learn to be thankful by filling him up with things to be thankful for. Remind the kids as you interact with them that God gave us each of these things.


Craft (Do after small group):

The craft this week is fairly simple: the kids will color gears and put stickers on the gears of things they are thankful for (parents, pets, house, toys, grandparents, etc.)

Encourage them to put a bunch of things on their gear, but don’t let it get out of hand with too many stickers. As always have them or help them to write their own name on the back.


They will be able to take these gears home. The gears on the robot stay on the robot!


Activity/K-team time (DO FIRST, BEFORE CRAFT):

The Name Game will be a little different this week:

A remote control robot will go up to each child – keep them from grabbing it or knocking it over!

When the robot approaches, the child will say their name, everyone will say ‘Hi, ---‘. Then the child can name something they are thankful for. For the shy kids, the leader will help them along and say that we are all thankful the child is there today!

If the class has more than 15 kids, please split into k-teams to do the name game so that you have time and kids feel comfortable being the center of attention. When the group is too big, some kids shut down.


In K-teams:

1. Before we get to putting gears on the robot, start with a short discussion about what it means to be thankful. Ask them some questions, such as:

a. Who likes it when someone gives us something or helps us? Is it easy to say “thank you” and make them feel good too?

b. Doesn’t God do a lot of stuff for us? What does God do?

c. Can you remember when someone said ‘thank you’ to you? How did that feel?

2. List a couple of things you are thankful for.

3. Take turns having the children take turns saying something they are thankful for and placing a gear on the picture of the robot on the wall to represent that. Each child should think of one thing for their gear to represent. If they have trouble thinking of something, help them with ideas – family, friends, toys, a warm house, etc.


Large Group in Green Room:

Professor von Brain will be with us the entire month. The green large group room will be transformed into his laboratory. He will be making a robot (a person in costume) named Adamatron, and will want the kids help in teaching the robot what is really important. The kids will be able to attach things to the front of the robot to help build it. As always, Professor von Brain speaks in a cheesy German accent.


Robot is sitting at the front of the room motionless as Prof VB uses a toy drill and hammer to work on it as the children enter the room.

Teacher: Oh velcome, velcome! I am so glad you are here today! Today is a very special day. Today, I hope, will be the birthday for my new robot ‘Adamatron’.


Oh, I am so sorry that I did not yet introduce myself. Does anyvon here know my name? Ya, Ya I am Professor von Brain. I am a scientist and I use my brain to learn about the things God made.


Today, you and I togezer will also make ze ‘Adamatron’! Here, I need each of you to take one of these control buttons or gears or thingamajiggies, and place them on ze front of ze ‘Adamatron’ robot. Zis will help us build him faster! (With the volunteers helping supervise, each child will place a button or gear onto the felt board on the robot. The Professor goes back to some drilling and/or helps the kids as necessary).


Oh, I am so excited each of you has helped, and now we will see if ze ‘Adamatron’ is ready to help us here in Kids’ Club. Just think of all the things we can teach him. He will not know very much, so it’s our job to teach him some very important things this month. Oh, will you promise to help me teach Adamatron all ze wonderful things you have already learned here at Kids’ Club? Yes? That is vonderful! Zen….it is time. Drum roll please…(Show kids how to do a drum roll on the floor. The Professor will begin pushing buttons on the front as lights begin to flash and robotic sounds begin).

Professor VB (standing in front of robot): Oh, I am so excited! We have done it! We have created a robot for Kids’ Club!! (the robot reaches forward and hugs the Professor, but won’t let go). Oh my…vhat is happening here? Adamatron, my friend, you are a great hugger and all, but you must let go. Oh…I understand…you are thankful to us for making you…but you do not yet know how to show that you are thankful.

The robot lets go and nods or gives thumbs up, if possible.


Professor VB: Boys and girls, the first thing we need to teach him is how to show that he is thankful! Let us think…what is something you were thankful for this morning? (wait for answers or guide them as follows). Did you have something to eat? Yes? What did you say when you got your food? Who gave you your food (parents, caretakers)? What are other ways you show the people who take care of you that you are thankful (kisses, hugs, say thank you, be a good listener, etc). What are ways we show God that we are thankful for our food, the people who take care of us, for our friends? (pray, sing, listen to parents/caretakers)

Oh, you are all so smart! Adamatron, did you get this information?


Adamatron (in robotic, monotone voice): Oh, yes! Thank you boys and girls for making me and teaching me how to be thankful.


Professor VB: Oh, Adamatron is thankful to you for making him just like we are thankful to God for making us!


Adamatron (monotone voice): Professor, one more question…what is ‘sing’?


Professor VB: Oh, boys and girls! Let us teach Adamatron one last thing today. How to show we are thankful to God by singing to him! (Robot imitates motions in stiff manner).


Songs: Thank You Lord

Dig Down Deep

Prayer: Let’s pray before we go (have them repeat little sections of the prayer together), “Dear God…thank you for making us…and helping us…have ze idea…to make Adamatron…:et us have…a thankful heart…all week long. Aaaaaaaaaaaaamen.


Preschool/Threes Parent Page

Threes/Preschool Parent Page

God wants us to be thankful!

November 27-28, 2004

Bible verse: Psalm 100:4 “Give thanks to Him and praise His name.”




Here are some suggestions of things to do together to help your child understand thankfulness:

  • Express to your kids the many ways that our thankfulness to God appears in our lives:

When we are thankful when…

  1. We remember God’s Blessings!
  2. At the end of each day this week have your child think of three great things that happened that they want to thank God for. (An awesome habit to do even throughout the day to focus on the good in our lives!)
  3. We celebrate!
  4. Express to your child that God’s blessings should make us want to celebrate. Think of a way to celebrate as a family and thank God. Have your own parade, have a special dinner together, etc. Towards the end of the celebration do an activity where the whole family can recount their blessings.
    • Decorate cookies (each topping can represent a blessing)-then enjoy!
    • Take turns recounting blessings. Each time one is said, pour a small glass of water into a larger jar/bowl keep going until the water spills over
  5. We take care and appreciate the things God gives us!
  6. Think of ways we can thank God by taking care/appreciating these gifts (Ex: Clean our rooms, eat some healthy foods for our bodies, exercise, and share with our siblings, etc.).
  7. We share blessings with others!
  8. Brainstorm as a family during this holiday season. Think of a way that God’s blessing to you can be a blessing to others: (Invite a neighbor or friend over for dinner that might not have a place to go, take part in a canned food/clothing drive, etc.)
  9. Pray this week and thank God for his numerous blessings and ask that we may always remember his generosity and love for us!


Here are the questions we went over in the classroom which you can discuss with your child:

  • Do we like it when someone gives us something or helps us? Is it easy to say “thank you” and make them feel good too?
  • Doesn’t God do a lot of stuff for us? What does God do?
  • Can you remember when someone said ‘thank you’ to you? How did that feel?


Questions/Feedback: If you have any questions or comments about Kid’s Club, you may contact Lori Stansbury at 731-7400 x565 or

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