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Pre K/3s Lesson Plan, Activities and Parent Page: Jesus wants us to share.
by Crossroads Community Church, Cincinnati, Crossroads Community Church, Cincinnati
Kids & Youth > Preschool
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Kids will share in Kids’ Club and choose to do it all week long. Bible Reference or Stories: Feeding the 5000 Matthew 14:13-21
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3PreK Kingdom5 Share 5000 031707.doc




Jesus’ Kingdom – Week 5

March 17-18, 2007


Main Point: Jesus wants us to share

Objectives: Kids will share in Kids’ Club and choose to do it all week long.

Bible Reference or Stories: Feeding the 5000 Matthew 14:13-21



5:30 Play time, coloring page

5:40 Large group and songs

6:00 Table time, then craft



8:45 10:15 11:45 Play time, coloring page

8:55 10:25 11:55 Large group and songs

9:25 10:55 12:25 Table time, then craft


Leader Preparation:

Hurray for Andrew, the disciple who saw the potential in a child’s small gift and brought that child to Jesus! Preschoolers love to have their efforts and accomplishments affirmed. Expressions such as “What a big boy!” or “What a smart girl!” always bring proud smiles. The kids will love today’s story of how a little boy helped Jesus serve others who were hungry and wanted to hear him teach them. Even though kids are little, God has important things for them to do. Help the kids in your classroom understand that they can help Jesus by sharing with others this week.


Kingdom series look and feel: During the 6 week journey that our church is going on, Kids’ Club will feel like you are in space and our Threes and PreK kids will be traveling from here and now to the kingdom where Jesus is King. They will all put on crowns as his princes and princesses and enter a land where Jesus will interact with them each week and tell them how his kingdom runs and how they are to follow him.


Activity/Table time:

Kids will have a coloring page that says Jesus wants us to share with others. They can color this and play with toys in the room before their large group.

In craft time, the kids will put together a door hanger and paste the word SHARE on it. They will also have crayons, markers and stickers to add to it. They will be able to put this on their door at home to remind them that Jesus wants them to share with others.


Large Group:

Jesus: Have you ever been on a picnic? Well today in the land where I am king, we will be having a picnic and I want to tell you about a time when I was on a journey and my friends and I stopped for a picnic. This story is in the Bible so you can read it later at home with mommy and daddy if you want.


One day I was walking up a hill to talk with my friends. Then, I saw a huge crowd of people - more than 5000 of them- walking up the mountain. That’s a lot of people – even more than what you see here at Crossroads. They were all looking for me; they wanted to hear me teach. Well, it was almost dinnertime, and I knew that all those people would be hungry. I asked my disciples, “Where can we get enough food for all these people?” My friend Philip answered, “We would have to work eight months to buy enough bread for this huge crowd – and then everyone would get only a little piece!” Andrew, another friend of mine, said, “There’s a little boy here. He has a lunch with five little loaves of bread and two fish. But that’s not enough to feed all these people.”


Is this bread enough to feed all the people here in our church? No, it sure isn’t. And that boy’s lunch wasn’t enough to feed five thousand people. But, the little boy must have been very excited to see what I would do with his lunch.


I asked everyone to sit down. There were probably people sitting just everywhere! Then I took the food, thanked God for it, and then started sharing the bread and fish with everyone.


And do you know what? As my friends started handing out the food, something very special happened. The bread and fish never ran out! They just kept on passing out that little lunch. In fact, after every single person had eaten all he or she wanted, there were actually twelve baskets of food left over. Everyone was just amazed at how I made the fish and bread into so much and how it was shared with that many people.


  • What important thing did the little boy in our story do?


  • What would have happened if the boy hadn’t shared his lunch?


  • How do you think the little boy felt when I used his lunch to do such an awesome miracle?


I used the little boys lunch to feed five thousand people! I know another thing that is special – you to do good things and share with people too, just as I used the boy’s food to share in our story. Let me show you what that would have been like and let you share a picnic with me as well. (Jesus shows the kids the popcorn uncooked and how small it is. They will watch the popcorn pop and see it grow into much! We will have pre popped popcorn for the kids to share in large group on the tablecloths around the floor. Try to keep your kids on your tablecloth.)




We will be making popcorn in the popcorn machine and helping the kids see that the popcorn looks small and you wouldn’t think it could make popcorn that would fill the machine but it does. Jesus can also make things bigger and help others like he did with the boy’s lunch. As the helpers are passing out bags of popcorn and the kids are eating, say:


While we are waiting for these little kernels to turn into big amounts of popcorn, let’s think and talk a little about this idea of sharing with others. All of you in this class may be little, but I want you to do good things, just like the boy in our story.”



Songs:                  I’m Gonna Walk

                                  Dig Down Deep


Prayer (have kids repeat): Dear God, thank you for loving us so much…and for allowing us to be able to share with others like the boy in the story…Help us to serve others this week… Amen.























































Parent Page:

March 17-18, 2007

Jesus wants us to share

Bible story: Jesus Feeds the 5000 Matthew 14:13-21



The kids in Threes and PreK this week went back into the Kingdom where Jesus is King. They heard Jesus tell the story of when Jesus fed so many people with the little boy’s lunch.


Just like you are learning about the fact that YOU MATTER in the Mainstage, your children are learning the very same concepts for their age. This week as you talk with your child and go about your week, try some of the following things to help them learn more about how to share:




  • Remind them every time they give something to someone else that they did a great job of sharing



  • Help them think of one thing each day that they can share with someone else



  • Think of something you can share with them



  • Have them help you make cookies for the neighbors




  • Read storybooks about sharing




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