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Pre K/3s Lesson Plan for Large and Small Groups: God wants us to Trust Him
by Crossroads Community Church, Cincinnati, Crossroads Community Church, Cincinnati
Kids & Youth > Preschool
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Kids will discover ways that they can trust God to help them. Bible verse: “I will walk with you and be your God…” Leviticus 26:12. Jonah 1-3
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Three Small Group - 4/24/05

Creating Things that Go


April 21-22, 2007


Main Point:                 God wants us to trust him.

Objective: Kids will discover ways that they can trust God to help them.

Bible verse: “I will walk with you and be your God…” Leviticus 26:12


3’s Schedule                                                                                     4’s-PreK Schedule


Saturday                                                                                                      Saturday                                                                                    

5:30 Free time                                                                                     5:30- Free time

5:40 – Large group in 3’s Pod                                                    5:40 – Small Group

6:00 – Small Group                                                                                      6:00- Large group in 4’s Pod


Sunday                                                                                                      Sunday

8:45; 10:15; 11:45 - Free time                                                   8:45; 10:15; 11:45 - Free time

8:55; 10:30; 11:55 Large Group in 3’s Pod                 8:55; 10:30; 11:55 Small Group

9:15; 10:50; 12:15 - Small Group                                                    9:15; 10:50; 12:15 - Large Group in 4’s Pod


Leader Preparation:

Please read Jonah chapters 1-3. Reflect on a time in your life when you felt God was leading you to do something but you chose not to do it. What was the outcome in your life? Did you eventually obey? What about times when you have trusted and obeyed God’s leading – did this lead to further trust in your life?

In teaching today’s lesson, think of some examples of people who kids trust to feed, clothe, and play with them. Mention parents, friends, and most of all God.


Small Group Activity:

If time allows, you can read the story of Jonah from the Children’s Bible, emphasizing trust. (The Bible should be in the cupboards in your room.)


In our small groups we will be playing a game along the same lines as the Jonah story.


A few realistic snack items – goldfish, chocolate chips, cheerios will be shown to the children along with some not so good stuff like slimy prunes, worms in dirt, or something similar. Ask the children to close their eyes (no peeking!), and they will open up and eat something just like the whale swallowed Jonah. With their eyes closed they are going to have to trust you to give them something good! (Please wash hands before this activity or use hand wipes.)

After each child has had a turn we will go over some questions about times when we have to trust God. Ask the kids when they trust God, and help with some ideas.

  • We trust Him to make us better when we are sick or feel bad
  • Trust to help us through our first day of preschool, or getting on a ride at the park, or going someplace new
  • At night if you get scared of the dark, etc.
  • If Mom and/or Dad are away, especially if we have a new babysitter.



For today’s craft we will be making whales ! The children can draw the faces on their whales with crayons or markers.


If there is time throughout this series, can play red light/green light/yellow light (yellow light is slow motion).

Make sure the kids know that red is STOP and Green is GO! Before starting, remember that we don’t run in the room, so keep the greens short so they don’t go too fast.

Line up, and while the light is green they move toward the light. When it turns red, they MUST stop. Anyone moving at all during red light goes back to the start. If they go too fast on the green light, they won’t be able to stop on the


Supplies for this lesson:

Coloring page with a picture of a Whale and Jonah that says “We Can Trust God” and parent page on the back

Chocolate chips, gold fish, something yucky, cheerios in baggies for each room

Examples of whale- 1 per classroom

Prefolded whales – 1 per child


Large Group:

Crossing guard outfit for presenter (vest, sign, hat)



A/V needs for this lesson:


Songs: Fight this fight and Love the Lord

DVD- Jonah the Movie clip



Large Group in Pod:

Today the crossing guard will show a video of Veggie Tales Jonah movie. There will be a pause in the middle of the movie for a little more discussion.


Crossing Guard: Hey Everybody! I’m the crossing guard and I’m here to talk to you today about trust. First, I need to see if I can trust you with my secret word. It’s NORP. Let’s see how you do.

Thanks for coming to Kids’ Club today! Is this anyone’s first day in Kids’ Club?

(There’s almost always 1 new kid or 1 old kid who will say he is new!)

Before we get started, let’s go over NORP! NORP is our code for how we behave here in Kids’ Club!”



Do you know NORP?
NORP is used in the K-4th grades to establish guidelines for expected behavior in the class. It stands for:
N - No talking out of turn
O - Obey your leader
R - Respect others and their property
P - Put things away better than you found them

In the 3's and Preschool, we can establish that foundation to set the stage as prep for their future in the following ways:
N - No talking out of turn (encourage Self-Control when they yell/scream)
O - Obey (encourage Obedience when they are stubborn/defiant)
R - Respect (encourage Respect when they hit, kick, or throw things)
P - Put things away (encourage their participation in Clean-Up


You did really good with that! Now, can you tell me how you got here to Kid’s Club today? Did you take a boat? No? Did you get on your giant pet bullfrog named Fred, and he hopped you over to Kid’s Club? No? (Wait for responses) Oh, someone drove you in a car! So you trusted them to get you here to Kid’s Club, didn’t you? Well, who made the adults that brought you here this morning? (Wait for responses) You’re right! God made them. We trust those adults to drive us here, and God made those adults…do you think that we can trust God? (Wait for responses) Yes!


Today, I’m going to show you a story from this book (hold up Bible). What is this book called? (The Bible) Yes, the Bible – it’s a special book to us from God. The Bible story we’re going to learn about today is about a man named Jonah, who also got a ride…but not in a car!


Let me tell you a little bit about Jonah. Jonah was a prophet – a prophet was kind of like a mailman for God. God would tell Jonah messages, and Jonah would deliver (or give) God’s messages to everyone. Jonah had always trusted God and did as God wanted him to. But one day, God asked Jonah to bring a message to a scary place called Nineveh. Now, let’s start watching the story, but while you’re watching, try to see if you can find a time where Jonah did NOT trust God, OK?


Run first part of the video, about 6½ minutes long, ending with the whale swallowing Jonah. There will be a brief pause in the video to show where to stop it and talk.


Crossing Guard: Wow, that whale swallowed Jonah! Now, can you think of how Jonah did not trust God in the video? (Wait for responses – give hints if need be to get them to figure out that Jonah didn’t trust God to keep him safe in Nineveh, so he ran away on a ship) Yes, but God really wanted Jonah to trust him and go to Nineveh. So, God made it storm real bad until Jonah jumped off the ship! Then the storm got calm, didn’t it?


You know, Jonah was in that whale’s belly for three days and three nights! That’s a long time! What would you do if you were Jonah in that whale’s belly? (Wait for responses) You know what Jonah did? Jonah prayed and prayed and prayed to God. He was very sorry for not trusting God and for trying to run away. Well, God heard his prayers. Now we’ll see what happens next, and this time I want you to watch for how Jonah did trust God.


Run last part of video, where the whale spits Jonah out and Jonah goes to Nineveh. This part will be about 4 ½ minutes long.


Crossing Guard: Can you tell me how Jonah trusted God? (Wait for responses – looking for Jonah trusted God and went to Nineveh, although he was scared) Yes, Jonah trusted God by going to Nineveh, telling the people in Nineveh what God said, and guess what? The people in Nineveh trusted God and stopped being so mean to each other!


Now, you don’t have to be swallowed by a whale to trust God, right? Every one of you can trust God every single day! Let’s say that you have a friend who lives next door and you two love to play together, and then one day that friend moves away. Do you think you can trust God that things will be OK? Of course! Or how about when you are trying something for the first time and you’re a little nervous, like soccer? Do you think that if you trust God, he will give you the courage to kick that ball? Definitely!

Let’s play a game. Every time I raise my flag up in the air, can you yell out “Trust God!”? Great! (Raise flag up and down a few times, having children repeat)

You know, we can let God know that we trust him by talking to him. Praying is just talking to God. Let’s do that now.


Prayer: Dear God, help me remember that I can trust you when I am sad or nervous or scared. I know that I can trust you every day in everything I do. Thanks for loving me so much. Amen.


Songs: Trust in the Lord

                 Love the Lord

















Three’s/PreK Parent Page: April 21-22, 2007

Bible verse: Jonah 1-3

Bible story: Jonah and the Whale


Parents: This week your child learned that God wants us to trust him! They learned that we can do most anything when we trust in God!

Here are some suggestions of things to do together to encourage the lesson at home:

Monday: Break out the Bibles!

In a children’s Bible or from your family Bible, read the story of Jonah and the Whale. Ask your kids: When was Jonah the safest? (When he trusted God) What happened when he trusted God? (He helped a whole city to see and love God better)

Tuesday: Blind Trust

Create an obstacle course in a room with pillows, cushions, etc. Blindfold your child and give them directions as they slowly make their way to the end where there’s a prize! (Snack, toy, etc.). Remind them that we can stop and listen to God…when we do, awesome stuff happens!

Wednesday: Talk to God

Pray to God and thank him for how awesome he is and how much he loves us! Ask Him to help us trust him and remember that we are the safest and strongest when we run to him!

Thursday: Time for some Fun!

Find a room with space to play. Make two “bases” or “safe-zones” that are across the room from each other. Adult plays the “sleeping monster” between the two bases. Kids have to make it back and forth to the bases without getting tagged, but are always safe on the bases. Remind your kids that the bases are like God…we’re the safest when we run to him.

Friday: Any artists?

On a piece of construction paper, write at the top “I TRUST GOD”. Find a picture of your child and have them help paste it to the paper. Think of ways that we can trust in God and when you do draw a picture, write a word, or put on a sticker that represents it (Ex: At school: your teacher, for food: favorite food, etc). Also, put pictures that represent the cool things that happen when we trust God (Ex: Smiley face-God is happy, Heart-because we love others better, etc).

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