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we'll pass on a link to something we think is useful. Here's one:

(Podcast by Brian Tome)
Getting beyond theory into hard and practical talk, In The War Room is a discussion about what's happening on the front lines in the Kingdom of God.

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749/ Inverted
748/ ih8ppl
747/ Creation
746/Do NOT Do Not Push
Do Not Push
745/ Glory
744/ Consumerism
743/Can't get what u Can't Get What You Want
Can't Get What You Want
715/ What are Christians Like?
What do people think about Christians? This man on the street interview takes a look at what they are like, what they...
714/what does christmas mean to What Does Christmas Mean To You?
What does Christmas mean to you and your family? What’s its importance? This set of man on the street interviews takes a...
713/thanksgiving-autumn Autumn Splendor
Take a look at God's creation in autumn colors. This video was created for a Thanksgiving service.

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